These testimonials are from people in varying positions in a facility for whom I gave my presentation “The Gift: Choosing Compassion Consciously for your Health and Well Being” more than a year ago. Each testimonial was unsolicited, the individuals volunteered to be video-taped in an interview. These interviews are unedited and shown exactly as they were recorded.


Curt Hudson - COO of Comprehensive Home Care

Curt Hudson is the Chief Operating Officer of Comprehensive Home Care, operating that business since January of 2001.

"In that time the business has almost tripled in volume with the strongest periods of business performance occurring since we did your training. Currently, Comprehensive Home Care employs more than 100 staff members. Prior to owning Comprehensive Home Care, I held high level positions with two Fortune 500 corporations. In the fourteen years I worked for Citicorp, several assignments included responsibility for designing and delivering training in both sales and service. This was at a time when “quality” was very much on the corporate mind in the country. Prior to Citicorp, I was employed by Xerox Corporation in progressively responsible sales and sales management assignments. During my time at Xerox, I am proud to say that we won the prestigious Malcolm Baldridge Award for quality excellence."

What others have said

B-Fair Testimonial 2 with John

30 years Direct Care Service Provider

“I’m not a guy who’s a seminar guy. Walking in was an attitude of ‘ohhh, gawd!” Then walking out of it , it was: that wasn’t bad! I got something out of it, more than I can say for any number of seminars, guest speakers that I got thrown at. Brian was universal, concise, wasn’t speaking above their head. I would recommend it again, I wouldn’t mind him coming back. I’d sit through it again … part two would be excellent.”

-- John

B-Fair Testimonial 4

BFair Director at Day Habilitation Center

“Walking into it I was really optimistic and excited and walking away from it I felt the same, a lot of positive feedback from the staff, everyone seemed to enjoy it, so much that we recommended we do it for everybody in agency because it really made an impact, and I had a couple of staff who really came forward and said, “Wow! That was awesome” … I thought it was great, I enjoyed it and we could do it again.”

-- Theresa

B-Fair Testimonial 1 with Tyler

5 years Direct Care Staff at BFair

“The day doesn’t pick how you’re going to be, you’re going to pick how you’re going to be in that day. And if you go into it with a positive attitude, not only will you come out of it with a positive attitude, but everyone around you will have a better day in general. And since then, I’ve found that a lot of people kind of really took it to heart and we really always try to have really good, positive days and honestly, we work better as a team in this past year.”

-- Tyler

B-Fair Testimonial 3

10 years Direct Care Service Provider

“I never thought about choosing my day as I’m walking through the door, never, it was, you know, like, I just came to work. But since we all sat and talked, every day now, you know, I mean it’s funny because I could wake up exhausted, and then get here, and I can be like, I refuse to walk through the door with the unknown, you know be walking into the unknown, I’m not going to start out on my own behalf, having a bad day. I purposely change my attitude before I step over the threshold … I found many easier days due to that.”

-- Sue