The Lecture

The Gift - Choosing Compassion Consciously

The Gift: Choosing Compassion Consciously for your Health and Well Being

For your 2-3 hour investment of time and resources in this lecture/discussion, your employees will experience an attitudinal and behavioral change as to how they treat their patients, themselves and their co-workers as it relates to health and well-being using compassion as the vehicle to deepen or re-connect them to their original mission which inspired them to enter the field of service care providing. The benefit is that your consumers (clients, patients, residents, individuals) receive a higher level of compassion/connection in their interactions with your staff as well as between your team members by raising the levels of anti-inflammatory production in everyone involved.  Over time, this self-reinforcing, and hence self-perpetuating process becomes an integral aspect of your team’s standard practice.
We’re at a time when science and ancient teachings collide as it relates to choosing to decrease the level of inflammatory hormones and increase our production of anti-inflammatory hormones for health and well-being.  As a result of following the paradigm presented in my lecture for two weeks, your staff will absolutely know and feel the difference.
Because I have worked in the field, on the wards as well in educational and training units in psychiatric care, this paradigm/lecture is experientially based integrating current research as it relates to compassion and health and well-being by understanding inflammatory and anti-inflammatory hormonal production.
Staff evaluations immediately after the lecture gave it a rating of 90% very good, and the voluntary video testimonials on this website clearly show the benefits described above and indicate a very high level of satisfaction one year and one month later after the lecture was given.  There are also clips of the actual lecture for you to view to give you a more accurate impression of what I have to offer your staff, your facility and your clientele.
This paradigm offers a practical, doable, self-rewarding experience that enhances the win-win-win scenario for your staff, your facility and your clientele.  Email or call me to answer questions and to set up a date for your facility.